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Grace-Full Living ~ Martha, Martha

We all know the story of Mary and Martha. If you don't, you can read It in Luke 10. I think, though we all would prefer to have a Mary heart, sitting at the feet of Jesus, the reality is we can relate to Martha. After all, she has guests at mealtime and she can't even order pizza.

We can also relate to her exasperation. Do you find yourself saying, "doesn't anybody else see these dirty dishes, these mounds of laundry, this dirty car?" Why do beds have to be made every morning, why do families stay hungry all the time? If you are honest, you have to admit it. We can get that martyr complex.

I am one of those people that doesn't find cleaning house and cooking rewarding, but I find living in a clean house and having dinner ready rewarding and so I have called in experts. I have a life coach who tries to keep me on track for free. She is called The Flylady, and she can read my mind. She encourages me to make plans, so I am not caught off guard, break everything down into bite size pieces, so I am not overwhelmed! and stop and rest, so I can make it through the day. If you need her help, just go on and join and she will be glad to get you on track for free!

You may be asking, What does this have to do with my walk with The Lord? It is simple. Overwhelmed, exhausted, women have nothing left to give. I would rather be calmly sitting in the middle of the morning sharing my heart with you with no voices screaming at me, because I know that there is a plan and it works. I can set the timer for 15 minutes and whip my kitchen into shape, reboot my laundry, make some menus and a grocery list, and calm the screaming voices in my head.

So if you want to have the time to sit at Jesus' feet, or study, or write a devotional, or call a friend who needs to talk, you can--if the voices in your head can be trained to be quiet or at least not to speak all at once.

Just a tip from a fellow sister who wants desperately to set my heart on thing above . You may not even need a coach, but if you do, I highly recommend the Flylady.

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