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Life Worth Living ~ God With Us

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I get just as excited about all the decorations and hustle and bustle as I did when I was a little girl. Christmas seems to add continuity to life. Just when everything seems to change so much, along comes Christmas and out come all the songs we’ve been singing all our lives, the old decorations stored carefully away from year to year, and out of the kitchen pop the old recipes passed down from generation to generation. It brings back a solidity to our souls as we go through all the traditions that have been a part of us since the day we were born.

Christmas also has a way of bringing everything back into perspective. Just when we are convinced the world has gone to the dogs, along comes Christmas with its Spirit of giving and sharing with those less fortunate, and even the most mercenary return to the true spirit of Christmas – the spirit of giving.

What is there about Christmas? Could it be that little baby that forever changed the world and brought deity down to man. Could it be that little bit of Jesus in us all that is plugged into all that really matters – that little bit of eternity in us that lifts us high above the mundane into what is everlasting and significant? Could it be that even those who don’t know Jesus as their Savior can still fell His presence at Christmas and still taste of the goodness of God and His essence in their lives?

At this time of year when nerves are frayed, finances are stretched and time pressures are real, stop! Stop and smell the sweet smell of Christmas – cinnamon, spices, evergreens. Stop and hear the sounds of Christmas – the beautiful Carolers, the sound of the bell being run by the salvation army volunteer who stands in the cold to see that someone isn’t disappointed at Christmas. Stop and see the beauty of Christmas – sparkling lights, bright red flowers, flickering candles and evergreens, your own tree with every stored up memory gaily on display. Stop and feel the essence of Christmas – GOD WITH US! Sit quietly under the glowing lights of the Christmas tree and ponder that thought – GOD WITH US! God with us, in us, around us, through us. And bask in the glory of it all. Stand back and watch it sink into the unbeliever, watch the Scrooges being transformed by His presence.

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